Who Can Benefit From Brain Training?

Struggling Students:

Brain training attacks the cause of learning problems and strengthens weak cognitive skills. These skills are responsible for how well we think, learn, remember,  pay attention and solve problems.  

Working on these skills makes learning easier and improves self-esteem and confidence. Lifelong struggles can be overcome in only a few weeks of brain training.

Here are some real-life improvements for children in school:

  • With stronger cognitive skills, students learn things faster and easier than ever before.
  • They have measurably better memory skills and concentration.
  • They have better mental performance in school, sports, and life.
  • They report having greater confidence.

College Students:

Brain training helps students hit their college years in full stride and avoid the sense of being overwhelmed. The results of brain training are soon evident as students are able to learn faster and easier than they ever have before because they have increased their learning and comprehension skills substantially. This one-time investment shows lifelong improvements and students who complete the program are more likely to stay on track and avoid setbacks financially, educationally and emotionally.

High-Achieving Students:

Many times, a gifted student doesn’t feel challenged in a traditional classroom setting, or finishes their work long before anyone else, and this can make them feel ostracized or different from the other children. With our brain training program, these students can focus on strengthening areas where they may need some improvement, such as auditory processing or memory, while improving those areas that are already well-developed, such as logic and reasoning or sustained attention.

Reading Struggles & Dyslexia:

Auditory processing is the cognitive skill the brain uses to hear, segment, and blend sounds—and it is foundational to successful reading. In fact, studies show that weak auditory processing skills are at the root of approximately 85% of all reading struggles. This is why interventions that use cognitive training techniques to target and strengthen auditory processing and other cognitive abilities get such tremendous results.

BrainRx® one-on-one brain training is a form of cognitive training that puts clients with their own brain trainers for challenging (but fun!) mental workouts consisting of game-like mental exercises. Children work with their trainers for about an hour a day, with programs typically running between 12 and 32 weeks. 

ADD/ADHD & Attention Issues:

Struggling to focus and pay attention can impact many areas of life, whether the person struggling is a child or an adult. Keeping up in class or at work, completing school assignments, feeling confident on the job, following instructions, staying on top of the demands of life, and even driving safely are just some of the things that can be more difficult when an attention disorder is present.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a condition that impacts the ability to focus and pay attention. The term is used whether hyperactivity is a factor or not, and children and adults of any age can struggle with the disorder. Brain training and cognitive development services have helped people who struggle with this condition.

Young Professionals:

Learning challenges are presented with every new job or potential promotion. Young professionals rely on sharp mental skills to survive and thrive in a competitive work environment.

Brain training strengthens cognitive skills enabling you to think fast, learn quickly, process information logically and accurately, communicate well, and remember facts and procedures. Stronger mental performance is a significant career advantage and can open doors for adults in any profession.

Senior Adults: 

Natural aging impacts memory and reasoning skills, training strengthens the brain skills that make it possible to think clearly, remember well and learn new things improving quality of life at any age. 

This program is beneficial for senior adults who want to stay mentally sharp as they age. Clients of all ages experience improvements in memory, logic and reasoning, auditory processing, visual processing, attention, and overall processing speed.